Ik maak lawaai... En veel ook!

DJ Relbmut

DJ Relbmut is the harder and darker side of DJ Tumbler. He always had an interest in the more experimental and rougher sides of Hardcore, but never found the time to perform with it. Until BKJN Events gave him the opportunity to perform as DJ Relbmut in 2006 at Beter Kom Je Niet, Klein maar Fijn! This was a full UK Hardcore/Breakcore set, which was so well received by the audience, that he decided to experiment more with this style. After this performance, several gigs were done like BKJN Danceparade afterparty 2007 @ Tropicana Rotterdam, Slaves to the Rave @ Amigo’s Dordrecht and Together we are Hardcore Festival @ Hemkade Zaandam (2011, 2012 & 2013). When he’s performing as Relbmut, expect Rawness in it’s pure style! Think Darkcore, Crossbreed, Breakcore and Frenchcore.